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Chimney Sweeping

Chimney Sweeping

The importance of a regularly scheduled chimney inspection and sweep is unmeasurable. Being worry free because you are informed of the current status of your chimney is a reason to schedule your service today!

When a sweep services my home will there be a mess?

No. We use a powerful vacuum that prevents soot and dust from entering the home, and we are careful to take precautions in order to prevent any mess. (Out of the ordinary).

What does a chimney sweep do?

Of course, a chimney sweep cleans chimneys, but a superior sweep provides a basic inspection to readily accessible areas, as well as cleaning.

How much time does it take to sweep my chimney?

Most visits take about 60 minutes.

Are all chimney sweeps the same?

No! Not every sweep has the knowledge to provide quality service. Because the chimney sweep industry is not regulated, virtually anyone can start a business and call himself or herself a sweep. Remember, the service sweeps provide should help to keep your family and home safe. So, as you choose a sweep to service your home, please make sure that they have the expertise to get the job done right.

How can a sweep help me to maintain a safe home?

Paying a little bit now can protect your largest investment against fire damage or carbon monoxide poisoning. Proper inspections and maintenance have even saved lives. And besides, a clean chimney simply smells better; the same elements that catch fire also create chimney odors when the chimney is not in use.

Should I be concerned about carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide is especially dangerous because it is not easily detected. The symptoms of carbon
monoxide poisoning are often mistaken for common illnesses such as headaches, nausea, fatigue, or even
depression. Carbon monoxide detectors are now readily available and no home should be without at least
two of them: one near the furnace and another near the sleeping area of the home. Detectors are NOT a
substitute for routine maintenance, but can be a lifesaver should problems occur. Carbon monoxide problems are always caused by poor ventilation, and blocked chimneys are one of the largest single causes of carbon monoxide in the home. Without proper maintenance, heating systems can be dangerous because they can cause fires or release toxic gases into your living area that cause serious damage, illness, or even death. Poor ventilation is the cause, so it's critical to have a clean chimney. When there is build up in your chimney, it must be removed by a chimney professional.

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